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2019.04.05. 16:00

Innovative Approach in Cultural Policies

A kultúrpolitika különféle formái Európában. Angol nyelvű vita magyar tolmácsolással.

How can we create effective cultural policy which goes beyond governmental programs and national interests and which fosters cultural development and diversity?

Robert Alagjozovski, National Coordinator for development of culture and interministerial coooperation, The Republic of North Macedonia
Petrányi Barna, Pro Progressione, independent hub of art projects, Hungary
Marta Nowicka, Oracle Cultural Network President, the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre and University of Gdańsk , Poland
• Péter Inkei, Director of the Budapest Cultural Observatory, CEU Press Chief editor
Márton Méhes, cultural manager & expert with focus on cultural diplomacy, EU Danube Strategy and European Capitals of Culture; ex EUNIC Global Strategy Group member, Austria

Moderator: Nick Thorpe, BBC correspondent for Central Europe

Public debate in English with simultanous translation into Hungarian. Please register at https://goo.gl/forms/xbhlKIDeNy0ZH4TF2

Location: Central European University, 1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 15, Auditorium A

The event is part of Oracle Cultural Network's 2019 meeting in Budapest. You are welcome to attend Cultural Kickstart - roundtable, the meeting's first public event.

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#activism #engagement #change #hatefree #citizenship #europeanvalues #solidarity #againstfragmentation #meeting #alternative #capacitybuilding


CEU, Auditorium A, Budapest, Nádor u. 15, 1051


2019.04.05. 16:00


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