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3.6.2018 9:00 - 12:00

European Charity Breakfast @Szimpla

Show up early in the morning at Szimpla Kert to taste the breakfast menu from four countries. All in one place, prepared by a group of food lovers and volunteers from the Czech Republic, France (former chef of the French ambassador), Israel and Poland, and all for a good charity cause.

*The Czech breakfast - Valašský frgál*
Can you imagine anything better than a soft kalach - a sweet bread similar to brioche - filled with pear jam, plum, poppy seed, or cottage cheese? If your answer is no, then tasting traditional czech and moravian kalach, “Valašský frgál” is a must for you! It first was made 200 years ago, and since then it has been a popular dish on weddings, baptism ceremonies and special occasions.
Frgáls come in all shape and size, but they are usually more than 600 gramms with a 30 cm diameter.

*The Israeli Breakfast - Shakshuka and other goodies*
In Israel, breakfast is the best feast of the day. Its origins are rooted in Israel’s early 20th century history. Kibbutz workers started their first shift in the fields at dawn. After a few hours they were usually ravenous and would gather in the communal dining hall for breakfast. Breakfast consisted of whatever was available on the kibbutz: fresh vegetables, fresh juice, eggs, bread and milk and other dairy products.
Today, waking up to an Israeli breakfast is waking up to a rich spread that combines all the different flavors of the Israeli multicultural cuisine: fresh vegetable salads, salty white cheese, hummus, baba ghanoush, pickled fish, olives, flakey bourkas, and SHAKSHOUKA – the word that became synonymous with Israeli breakfast: eggs cooked in a stewed tomato sauce with plenty of garlic and spices, served in its cast-iron pan, with a slice of challah bread to sop up the juices.
You’re invited to taste the glorious shakshuka that the ICI team will prepare especially for the event. 





* The French breakfast - Regional pastries*
On the occasion of the European brunch, the French Institute in Budapest offers to curious gastronomic visitors a whole range of pies from the French regions. Plums, cherries, strawberries, all the fruits of the summer are on the plate to celebrate this friendly and joyful occasion to discover the secrets of French cuisine in the company of French chef Jérôme Szkuta.
Chef of the French ambassador for two years, Jérôme Szkuta has prepared these desserts with art and all his expertise in centuries-old culinary tradition. He will be there to explain the techniques and tips that the great masters of French gastronomy have passed on for generations. Come and enjoy all the pleasures that France offers to your taste buds!

*The Polish breakfast - King's feast*
A typical Polish breakfast (śniadanie)? Next to significant international impact, one thing stands out for sure: it is RICH! Poles love to see their morning table full. In the center you will always find a loaf of bread (chleb), often baked at home using sourdough (zakwas) and rye flour (mąka żytnia). On the plates you will find ham (szynka), cottage cheese (twaróg) mixed with chives (szczypiorek) or young onion and hard cheese. Another frequent component would be soft-boiled eggs (jajka) with horse-radish (chrzan), scrambled eggs (jajecznica) on butter and boiled sausage (kiełbasa) with mustard (musztarda). Fresh vegetables cannot miss: sliced tomatoes, radish (rzodkiewka) and salted cucumbers. Those fond of sweet tastes will reach out for the excellent Polish honey (miód) and marmalades (dżemy). Popular drinks are freshly pressed juice (sok), sourish milk (kefir) and buttermilk (maślanka). 
You are welcome to explore the taste of Poland in the morning!




Místo konání:

Szimpla, Budapest VII., Kazinczy u. 14.


3.6.2018 9:00 - 12:00


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