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15.11.2016 9:30 - 15:00

Erasmus Expo

Would you like to spend a semester studying somewhere in Europe? Is it your dream to discover the Nordic countries—or do you prefer the Mediterranean region? Perhaps you are attracted to Italy, Spain, maybe Germany? See them all come within reach on November 15th at the Erasmus Expo, where Europe will come alive for you.

Once again, Erasmus Expo is organized in cooperation between the Antall Jozsef Knowledge Centre, the BCE Student’s Council, and the BCE International Office (Directorate of External Relations).
Students who have already spent and extended amount of time abroad will be waiting for you at the booths to share their experiences about the countries you are interested in, including their cultures, as well as accommodation, travel, and entertainment opportunities.

In addition, visiting representatives of all these countries will be giving out catalogues, brochures, and sharing further information in order to help you gain a comprehensive picture of the opportunities that await you. There will be an Info Corner, where members of the BCE Directorate of External Relations (International Office) and the coordinators of the faculties will help you navigate the application process.

The International Day is going to be organized alongside Erasmus Expo, featuring national dances and international cuisine to add more excitement and flavor to the event.

"Like" the Erasmus Expo Facebook page to find out more!

We hope to see you on November 15th, and don't forget: You make Europe colorful!

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Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, "E" épület, Aula


15.11.2016 9:30 - 15:00


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